Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Reputation of British Teenagers

This is an overly criticised topic I know, but as teenagers we are demonised beyond hysteria.
Many comedians have actually picked up on this, and have trivialised such issues that apparently we all go around 'with a knife and a phone recording whoever we stab'. Obviously this is over the top, its what makes it funny, but at the same time most successful comedians use material from real life situations, or real life opinions. This is the problem because people do ACTUALLY think such things! I know that when I am outside for some fresh air or walking my dogs, and I happen to have my hood up people will walk on the other side of the road which is crazy. This isnt from their personal experience of such 'terrible antisocial youths' but rather the media's obsession with it. There are several tragic stories revolving around teenagers but I'm afraid it isn't the teenagers causeing brutality in Egypt, stoning women in the middle east and preaching hatred to the masses as a dictator.

The big elephant in the room at the moment, especially for the UK is the riots. Now this is a tricky one, and I am not a fan of pointing fingers. However, in my personal household if I am fed negative behaviour and assumptions, I know that I am in fact more likely to act in such a way. My reputation at my old school was terrible because one time I decided to play truent. No matter the 99% of the other times that I WAS in school, this one time meant that I was suddenly an atrocious young man.
The same goes with the riots. What started as a small uprising against the brutal actions against a young Londoner became over the top when fear took over, and caused the media (in their usual hysterical nature) to begin demonising everyone.
Anyway, I ramble. There is much more I could say but for now I should get to sleep.


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